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We live in a high-tech world where information about all topics under the sun is available at our fingertips. We are moving toward self-service and automatic access to everything. You can look at your checking account balance on your phone; you can make dinner reservations with a couple of clicks, and you can confirm a dentist appointment with a one-letter text message response, all within a matter of minutes

While high-tech solutions offer tremendous convenience, some things are still much better when they are high-touch. One of these things is retirement planning and creating a financial plan for the future.

There are many options and components available when you are building your retirement plan, and professional guidance on how these components can work together can make a significant impact on what your future values will be.

401(k), 403(b), 457 and other qualified retirement plans are tax-advantaged plans established by the IRS, to help Americans save for their retirement years. Many organizations that offer these plans provide their employees with self-service options to access the savings and investment components within these plans.

While this is indeed convenient, it can be very confusing to know which options to select. Working with a professional to clarify the choices that are available to you, and the impact that those selections can have on your savings and retirement income potential can prove to be invaluable advice for the future.

Additionally, financial professionals can help make suggestions on what your portfolio may be missing. For example, a sit down meeting with an industry professional may show you that your portfolio is in need of balance that could be added by incorporating a fixed indexed annuity. Seeking guidance on your options for retirement savings could mean all the difference into your golden years.