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Summer is here and that calls for some down time relaxing with family and friends. Whether you plan on spending your summer days in the sun or binge-watching your favorite television series, developing a summer savings plan will help you enjoy your days now, and stay on track with your retirement plan to make sure you can enjoy more summer days down the road.

Save smart this summer with these 4 tips:

1. Building a budget will help you assess how much you’ve spent this summer, determine any ongoing expenses, and forgo any unnecessary spending.

2. Summer cleaning. Consider getting rid of the bookshelf that takes up too much space, or the skates you only used once, and consider selling some of these items to those who could put them to good use. The money you earn from this sale can go directly to your retirement savings.

3. Financial portfolio. Expand your summer cleaning duties by tidying up your financial portfolio and ensuring the amount of risk is consistent with your current needs. Adding a product such as a fixed indexed annuity (FIA) may provide balance to your financial plan.

4. Public transportation. The cost of driving around town adds up. Enjoy the longer summer days and consider riding a bike or taking the public transit at least once a week. Use the money you saved to give your retirement savings a boost.