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You’ve walked across the stage, shook the university president’s hand, and waved to your beaming family and friends. All of those late nights in the library suddenly feel worth it, but you know with the student loans, the work of school is not quite yet complete. According to a report from HelloWallet, every dollar in student loan debt can end up reducing your overall retirement savings by 35 cents. This means that if you have $50,000 in student loan debt, you could end up losing $17,500 in retirement.

With graduation season in full swing, it’s an ideal time to consider how to balance preparing for retirement while also paying off student loans. Get an A+ in securing a solid financial future with these useful tips:

1. STAY FOCUSED WITH AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS. Kill two birds with one stone by setting up automatic transfers for both paying off your student loans and saving for retirement.

2. EVALUATE AND REVAMP YOUR BUDGET. Take time to carefully assess your spending habits and cut out unnecessary expenses. Small lifestyle changes can go a long way.

3. SET SHORT-TERM SAVINGS GOALS. While student debt payments can be overwhelming, starting with small savings goals can help foster increased financial security.

4. STUDY RETIREMENT PORTFOLIO OPTIONS. Utilize employer offered programs and consider boosting your 401(k) contributions. Consider adding a fixed indexed annuity to balance your portfolio.